Hello visitor!

Welcome to my latest webpage, I've made several webpages in the past but haven't really placed a lot of effort in it - plus I didn't have that much time to maintain it that's why I never had the chance to update it regularly. So I making this new one, it's just a hobby site. I'll be posting my works here.

And by work I mean Photoshop work and some creative shots using my trusty N90 and Olympus. I'm obviously not a professional, I'm just a dude with a PC and a hell lot of time. I'm just an enthusiast. But I've learned a lot of techniques since I started learning Photoshop.

I'll probably update this page more often because I love the new layout that I made (hehehe!). The banner is actually inspired by one of theskinsfactory.com's project, by the way in my opinion they are the best web graphics designer in the world. Their designs are so sleek and clean that you'd probably think they are real. And I'm not exaggerating too.

Aside from them some of my inspirations are Greg Martin and Ryan Lacdao. I remember stumbling on Greg Martin's webpage and I was so amazed by his work. I never thought it was possible to make such realistic graphics using Photoshop, his galaxy projects were outrageous and the planets he made was sooo realistic. But even more amazing are his tutorials, I could never comprehend how he did it with only a few steps. And then there was Ryan Lacdao of eyeball-designs, dang! His futuristic layouts are fantastic and he also provided very easy-to-follow tutorials.

Well so much for that chickenshit. My page consists of only 3 parts, it's logical considering that this is just a hobby site. It's easy enough to understand which portion is which so just click it!=D


Shoutbox online

Well, scroll down a post a message! Maybe we can chat a little? Thanks to shoutmix for this very very cool shoutbox. I've been using this shoutbox for a long time already and it's now improved a lot!

Previews in Gallery is available

Hey there's something in the gallery now, hehehe. It's not much, nothing new. Just some previews of my older works you might have seen it already but anyway...Enjoy!

Note: My site is still under construction so it still lacks a lot of things.

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